I’m using quotations because I’ve always found the art world pretentious, and that image hasn’t really changed after observing the culture from within, but I have never-the-less always drawn to it. During a Summer Course at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, I wished to learn more about photography and video from this new angle. As a result, I expanded not only my horizon personally, but professionally as well. I have worked with skilled teachers and along with talented students, that i still cooperate with today.

Photo Series: Macro Texture

As part of my last exhibition, i made this brief series of photographs. Digitally then don’t have the same potential, but image these printed in large copies, in such a manner, where it’s hard to identify.

Photo Series: Untitled Proects

Here are a few unnamed projects that came to fruition during the summer course at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole

Video Project: Moving Forward

I made this video on an assignment from our teacher, Steen Schapiro. We had to create a video based on the “found-footage” concept. This is done by collecting footage on YouTube, editing it together to create a new subject.

Video Project: Natur

This was our first assignment in Video-class, where we had no specific requirements other than playing around, so I ended up just messing about with some royalty free audio clips I found online, trying to create some thrills.